Plastics injection molding

Our plastic injection moulding production comprises 26 machines with clamping forces between 750 kN and 16,000 kN. For greater flexibility, the machines are distributed across both sites.

Thanks to modern injection moulding machines, a wide range of requirements can be met by the component produced. Special manufacturing processes such as internal gas pressure injection moulding or thermoplastic foam injection moulding (TSG) or overmoulding of metal parts are routine.

The further application of the produced components determines the surface: functional components, grained components or highly polished components, as well as surface-treated components (painted or chrome-plated) are no problem.


Thanks to our in-house tool shop, tools can be manufactured in-house and serviced at short notice.

These aspects offer us an exceptional breadth and depth of production with a high degree of flexibility. We manufacture quantities ranging from small batches to mass production according to the customer's wishes. We are happy to offer you an ideal solution for your injection moulded product.