Internal laborities

We offer various laboratories and testing options for quality assurance, process development and production preparation.

All laboratories and testing options can also be offered as a service, depending on the production. Please feel free to contact us!


Environmental simulations

To simulate environmental influences on components, as well as climatic influences on surfaces and e.g. bonded joints, the following tests are offered as individual or combined tests:

  •     Climate change test
  •     Condensation water constant climate test
  •     Ageing resistance test
  •     Cross-cut test
  •     Vapour jet test
  •     Stone chip test
  •     Salt spray test


Colour measurements

Various colour measurements enable precise colour shades to be painted. This is the only way to ensure that modules consisting of several painted components fit together without colour deviations.

Colour fastness is ensured by, among other things:

  •     Laboratory colour measurement
  •     Visual colour testing in a daylight simulator
  •     Visual thickness measurement of all paint layers
  •     Reflectometer value measurement
  •     Gloss level measurement


3-D measurement

We offer the measurement of three-dimensional contours with an accuracy of up to 0.02 mm for dimensional testing and statements on the accuracy of fit of components with complex geometries.