Automated painting

Our painting system focusses on high process reliability, flexible production, ecological and economic advantages. The system holds individual parts with a painting object size of 600 mm wide, 500 mm high and 1,100 mm long.

Low-dust conditions enable flawless paint quality at the highest level. The entire system is a self-contained system based on slight air overpressure. Special access authorisations and room concepts combined with the designed nitrogen-based air technology ensure process reliability, among other things. The supply air for the painting area is individually humidified so that the relative humidity required for different types of paint can be controlled.

Four six-axis painting robots work in the spray booths and ensure a three-layer, high-quality paint structure. Primer, base coat and clear coat give the individual parts their brilliant appearance.

The spray booths are equipped with the latest paint sludge separation systems. The plant receives heat from a central boiler system and 2 heat-controlled combined heat and power units. Integrated heat recovery systems minimise the amount of energy required.


Application examples

Thanks to a wide range of paints that can be processed, both matt surfaces and glossy surfaces with different proportions of metallic effects are possible. But the possibilities are not limited to single-colour components: There are virtually no limits to the possibilities of paint design. We can paint components in more than one colour, as well as taped components or partially painted components.


Manual painting

In addition to the highly automated painting system, a manual painting system is also available for manual painting. This enables the painting of small quantities through to customised products and laboratory samples. Metal components of various sizes can also be painted. Special paints such as grained paint or soft-touch paint are also popular applications for refining the surface of components.

J. D. von Hagen AG offers painting both as a process service and as a complete process including the design and manufacture of the raw parts to be painted by means of plastic injection moulding or the processing of metallic materials.