J. D. von Hagen AG is convinced that sustainability is a corporate responsibility. For this reason, we are committed to integrating sustainability into all areas of our company and actively helping to protect our environment.


Environmental awareness

We are committed to protecting our planet by continuously minimising our ecological footprint. We strive for a sustainable future by reducing responsible emissions, using renewable energy and optimising our production processes. In addition, we attach great importance to the use, reuse and recycling of materials.

In 2017, J. D. von Hagen AG successfully introduced an environmental and energy management system. Statutory targets were defined and are continuously monitored. Investments and process optimisations support the achievement of these goals.


Climate neutrality by 2045

J. D. von Hagen AG has set itself the company-wide goal of being climate-neutral by 2045 in accordance with the Climate Protection Act of the Federal Republic of Germany. This means that we are not responsible for any negative effects on the climate by reducing greenhouse gas emissions to zero and offsetting any remaining emissions through sustainable measures. In order to achieve this goal, investments are made in innovative technologies and energy efficiency is continuously improved. We are also focussing on renewable energies. Our commitment to climate neutrality is a central component of our sustainability strategy and an expression of our sense of responsibility towards the environment and future generations.


Since 2019, CO2 emissions have already been reduced to a fifth of the CO2 emissions in 2019. Further measures to reduce CO2 emissions have already been initiated.

Social responsibility

As part of our corporate culture, we consider it our duty to assume social responsibility and make a positive contribution. We set fair working conditions, equal opportunities and diversity in our company and along our supply chain as a standard. We also support charitable organisations and associations that work for the good of society, both regionally and nationally.