J. D. Von Hagen AG has had its headquarters in Stefanstrasse, Iserlohn, since 1885. In 2001, the Zollhausstrasse production site was opened in the Zollhaus industrial estate and has been continuously expanded ever since. The close proximity of the two plants offers a seamless link and the ability to react quickly to different processes.





Stefanstraße, Iserlohn

The Site Stefanstraße is located in the centre of Iserlohn and is the headquarters of J. D. von Hagen AG.



Zollhausstraße, Iserlohn-Kalthof

The location "Zollhaus" in Iserlohn-Katlhof has been continuously expanded since opening in 2001.



Iserlohn - also known as the "forest city" - has excellent residential and leisure amenities.

The leisure and cultural facilities as well as the Seilersee area with tennis courts, ice rink, swimming pool and various restaurants are centrally located to the town centre. Iserlohn has over 200 kilometres of hiking trails that connect well-known and attractive excursion destinations such as the Kesbern plateau, the plains of Sümmern, Hennen, Kalthof, Lössel and Dröschede.

Sport in particular is very important in Iserlohn: Iserlohn is home to over 180 gymnastics and sports clubs offering a wide variety of sports and leisure activities.

With around 100,000 inhabitants, Iserlohn is the most populous and largest town in the Märkischer Kreis district. From the nearby Ruhr area, it has excellent transport links to the BAB 46 and BAB 45 motorways and the airports of Dortmund, Düsseldorf and Cologne connect Iserlohn with the whole world.