Metal processing

J. D. von Hagen AG offers innovations made of plastic and metal. Assemblies consisting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals combined with plastics are no problem.

The following processes offer a wide range of design options in metal forming and machining:



  • Punching of small to medium-sized parts is possible using 3 automatic punching presses.
  • The maximum nominal pressing force is 2000 kN. Slit strips up to a dimension of 5x300 mm are possible.



  • A total of 5 hydraulic presses enable component forming or the simple levelling of small to medium-sized components.



  • A wide variety of metal products can be mechanically processed using barrel finishing.
  • Different barrel finishing media are used depending on the desired result and the properties of the workpieces.


Wobble rivets

  • The wobble riveting process can be used to realise material connections that have a high level of strength and low material stress at the same time.
  • Clean and even joints without visible weld seams or melting are possible.
  • Wobble riveting is a reliable, cost-effective and versatile method for producing high-quality joints.



  • The single-chamber flooding system with modified alcohol as a cleaning medium enables fast and reliable cleaning of all metal products and removal of oil and dirt residues.
  • Plastic components can also be degreased and washed accordingly if required.

    All processes are also offered as process services. Please do not hesitate to contact us!